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Global Network Template 
Composition : 72 Slides, Master, Contents, Diagrams, Chart, Color Guide
File Size : PPTX: 12.3 MB
Template No : 340314
Tag : Global, Socail, Network
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Product Description
We focused on the real use, good readability and meaningful suggestions of all slides.

Features :
-72 Unique slides in the presentation templates
-144 total slides including (16:9 Widescreen, 4:3) Aspect Ratio
-Professional, Creative & Clean design

Contents :
-Introduction slides
-Columns slides
-Bullet list slides
-Numeric list slides
-Images slides
-Portfolio Slides
-Meet Our CEO Slides
-Our Team Slides
-Bar charts
-Line charts
-Pie charts
-Multiple charts
-World map infographic
-Gantt chart
-SWOT analysis
-Timeline slides
-Service list slides
-Pricing Table Slide
-Social Network Slide
-Table slides
-Mockup slides
-Infographic slides
-Partners Slide
-Break time slides
-Questions & Answers slides
-Contact slides
-Thank you slides

16:9 Preview

4:3 Preview

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