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Business Plan Presentation Template


The Business Plan Presentation Templates set offers a broad collection of diagrams, analyses and tables to provide you with professional equipment for fiscal planning and for an overall business presentation.

The Business Plan Presentation Template contains a standard table of contents appropriate for general business plan presentations, and each slide is designed based on the given table of contents.

-87 Unique slides in the business plan presentation templates
-174 total slides including (16:9 Widescreen, 4:3) Aspect Ratio
-Professional, Creative & Clean design

Table of Contents
I. Company Overview
1. Company Profile
2. Our Vision
3. Our Mission
4. Company philosophy
5. Core Values
6. Our Timeline
7. Structures
8. Our Team
9. Our Strategy
10. Our Strengths
11. Key Figures

II. Market Analysis
1. Market Overview
2. Market Trends
3. Market Size
4. SWOT Analysis
5. Market Definition
6. Market Potential

III. Customer Analysis
1. Customer Analysis
2. Gender Analysis
3. Customer Needs
4. Target Comparison
5. Business Target

IV. Competitor Analysis
1. Competitor Analysis

V. Business Strategy
1. Business Model
2. Business Goal
3. Business System
4. Business Process
5. Business Growth
6. Business Key Points
7. Key Success Factor
8. Business Partner
9. Revenue Model
10. Step to Become Success

VI. Product & Service
1. Our Product & Service
2. Pricing Plan
3. Price Design
4. Product Development

VII. Marketing Strategy
1. Marketing Strategy
2. Marketing Process
3. Marketing Mix
4. 4Cs Strategy
5. Promotion Strategy
6. Distribution Strategy
7. Social Media
8. Mobile Marketing
9. Web Marketing

VIII. Financial Planning
1. Financial Analysis
2. Financial Facts
3. Use of Funds
4. Investment Details
5. Cost Preview
6. Revenue Preview
7. Profitability Preview
8. Liquidity Preview

Preview – Business Plan Presentation Template

Business Plan PowerPoint Template Business Plan PowerPoint Template

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